Beate Axmann was born in 1962 in Mühlenbach in the Black Forest, Germany.

After a three year pedagogical study from 1979 to 1981, Axmann travelledthrough South America for nine months. During this time, drawing and painting became a very important part of this journey.
Beate Axmann has been living with her husband and childrenin Haslach i.K., Germany since 1989. In 2003, she opened her art studio, situated in the same town.
In the same year, after a tragic personal stroke of fate, Beate Axmann makes the decision to work as a freelance artist. Painting became a need and her liberation.

The laudator Regine Kunz Veith from Stuttgart described Axmann's Art as:
"deep and powerful, untamed, original and lively; in a specific way, figurative, abstract"

Beate Axmann works in different media. Underneath her drawings and paintings, there are "Skizzen in Stahl", sketches burned by hand into largel steel panels. Her "Papidrafis", by contrast, are playful and floating experimental installations made from paper and wire.

Important for Axmann is also the cooperation with musicans, dancers and poets and the development of different projects and performances. For example:

"Wir- in 3 Sätzen", Haslach, Germany
"Die Glockenspieler", Bubikon, Switzerland
"Lost and found wing", Augsburg, Germany

An major milestone in Axmann's artistic development was the year 2012, when she encountered the Zhou Brothers from Chicago at the Summer Academy in Traunkirchen, Austria,
Here Axmann participated in their three-week art class "Feeling is Liberty".

In 2013, Beate Axmann had the opportunity to work for 3 months in the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago.
One year later in 2014, Axmann returned to Chicago to work for a further six weeks in the Art Center, and also to prepare her solo show with Sergio Gomez in the Gallery Artist NXT Level in September 2015.

Beate Axmann participates in various national and international group and solo shows. Her art can be found in private and public collections.





1962 Geboren in Mühlenbach, im Schwarzwald, Deutschland

1980-83 Pädagogische Ausbildung

1985 9 Monate Reise durch Südamerika - intensive Beschäftigung mit Zeichnung und Malerei - Reisebilder

Seit 1987 Verheiratet, 3 Kinder, lebt und arbeitet in Haslach im Kinzigtal

Seit 2003 Arbeit als freischaffende Künstlerin im eigenen Atelier


Weiterbildung / Training

1996/97 Abendstudium Grafik und Malerei, Kunstschule Offenburg

2010 chin. Tuschemalerei bei Prof. Xiaolon Huangpu, Nürnberg

2012 "feeling is liberty", Zhou Brothers, Traunkirchen, Österreich

2013 three month work stayt in Chicago, Zhou B Artcenter

2014 five weeks work stay in Chicago, Zhou B Artcenter

2015 Ikonenmalerei, Wolfgang Blechschmitt, Oberachern

2015 "feeling is liberty", Zhou Brothers, Akademie Kolbermoor, Rosenheim

2015 "freie Malerei", Prof. Markus Lüpertz, Akademie Kolbermoor, Rosenheim

2015 5-wöchiger Arbeitsaufenthalt in Chicago, Zhou B Art Center, USA

2016 Teilnahme am internationalen Kunstsymposium Kuşadasi, Kuşadasi International Golden Pigeon Art Festival,  Türkei


Gemeinschaftsausstellungen / Group exhibitions

2005 "Schwarzwaldbild",  Haslach

2012 Deutsch - Französische Ausstellung, Lagny-sur-Marne, Paris, Frankreich

2013 "so far, so close", La Casa delle Culture del Mondo, Milano, Italien

2013 “Art from Europe”, Adelinda Allegretti, Alto Loma, Los Angeles, USA

2014 4Art SPACE Gallery / Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, USA

2016 2éme Grand Exposition international des Beaux-Arts, Neuf Brisach, Frankreich

2016 Ibramaki Galerie, Kuşadasi, Türkei

2016 Kosmos Schwarzwald – Ausstellung Folge 4, Oberrheinmesse, Offenburg

2016 art3f, Internationale Messe der zeitgenössischen Kunst, Mulhouse, Frankreich

2017 Heimat 2.2 – Schwarzwald der Kulturen, Zell a. H.


Einzelausstellungen / Solo shows

2002 "unbekannt in Köln", Köln

2007 "Waldbilder", Naturschutzzentrum Ruhestein

2010 "Skizzen in Stahl", Haslach

2011 "Innehalten", Synagoge Kippenheim

2013 "Papidrafis", Leselenz Hausach

2013 "Chicago, lost and found wings" , Haslach

2014 "Chicago , lost and found wings", Augsburg

2015 "between roots and wings", Galerie NXT level, Chicago

2016 "Black Forest Peace Symphony", Malerei und Papidrafi Altes Kapuzinerkloster Haslach

2017 Malerei & Papidrafi, Galerie Zoltan Toth, Lahr



2005 Tanz und Malerei, Haslach

2012 "Wir - in 3 Sätzen", Malerei und Musik, Haslach

2014 "die Glockenspieler", von Urs Bertschinger, Bubikon, CH

2014 "lost and found wings", Malerei und Musik, Augsburg

2016 "Black Forest Peace Symphony", Musik und Malerei mit Prof. Daniel Eberhard am Piano, Atelier Beate Axmann, Haslach